Janette Wenrick Boughman

Professor, Integrative Biology
Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Program
Pronouns: she/her
Location: 203 Natural Science Bldg
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There are somewhere between 2 and 10 million living species on earth – possibly more. What processes create this incredible diversity? The deep and difficult question of how new species form has challenged biologists for a long time. This question is at the heart of my research program. A unifying theme of my work is to understand how an organisms’ behavior generates selection that results in diversification, and how diverse behavior itself evolves under the influence of multiple forms of selection. Behavioral traits are thus the primary phenotypes of interest, but can also be the agents of evolutionary change.

* [Google Scholar](https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=n9j1hPUAAAAJ)

Selected Publications

  • Ålund M, Harper B, Kjærnested S, Ohl JE, Phillips JG, Sattler J, Thompson J, Varg JE, Wargenau S, Boughman JW & Keagy J (2022) Sensory environment affects Icelandic stickleback anti-predator escape behavior. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. View Publication
  • Boughman JW & Servedio MR (2022) The ecological stage maintains preference differentiation and promotes speciation. Ecology Letters. 25: 925-938. View Publication
  • Moehring AJ & Boughman JW (2019) Veiled preferences and cryptic female choice could underlie the origin of novel sexual traits. Biology Letters. 20180878. View Publication
  • Servedio MR & Boughman JW (2017) The role of sexual selection in local adaptation and speciation. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution & Systematics. 48: 85-109. View Publication
  • Skúlason S, Parsons KJ, Svanbäck R, Räsänen K, Ferguson MM, Boughman JW et al (2019) A way forward with eco-evo-devo: an extended theory of resource polymorphism with postglacial fishes as model systems. Biological Reviews. 94 (5): 1786-1808. View Publication
  • Tinghitella RM, Lackey ACR, Durso C, Koop J & Boughman JW (2020) The ecological stage changes benefits of mate choice and drives preference divergence. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Towards the completion of speciation: the evolution of reproductive isolation beyond the first barriers. 20190546. View Publication
  • Yeh J, Boughman JW, Saerte GP & Servedio MR (2018) The evolution of imprinting through reinforcement. Evolution. 72: 1336-1349. View Publication