Yuehua Cui

Professor, Department of Statistics & Probability
Pronouns: he/him/his
Location: C432 Wells Hall
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Dr. Cui is currently a professor and the Graduate Program Director in the Department of Statistics and Probability. He got his PhD degree in 2005 from the University of Florida. He is an elected Fellow of American Statistical Association and elected member of International Statistical Institute. His current research interests focus on developing statistical and computational methods for genetic/genomic data, causal mediation analysis, causal inference with Mendelian randomization, single cell RNA-seq and spatial transcriptomic data analysis,  multi-omics data integration, and applied functional and longitudinal data analysis.

###Research Interests
Statistical genetics/genomics, causal inference, functional and longitudinal data analysis

University of Florida, 2005

* [CV](https://stt.msu.edu/~cui/CV_online.pdf)
* [Publications](https://stt.msu.edu/~cui/cuipub.html)

Office Hours

  • Monday: 10-11am
  • Wednesday: 10-11am