Laura Beth Chomiuk

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Location: 3276 Biomed Phys Sci
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Laura is interested in stellar evolution, stellar explosions, and the feedback effects these explosions have on star formation. She studies novae and supernovae at a range of wavelengths, with a particular focus on radio observations, in order to probe the physics of the ejection mechanisms in these explosions, to constrain the circumstellar environments of the exploding stars, and to test models of both the progenitor systems and of the explosions themselves.

# Education:
* 2010: Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison;
* 2006: M.S., Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison;
* 2003: B.A., Astronomy and Physics, Wesleyan University (High Honors in Astronomy)

Selected Publications

  • A Deep Search for Prompt Radio Emission from Thermonuclear Supernovae with the Very Large Array. L. Chomiuk, et al. 2016, The Astrophysical Journal, 821, 119. View Publication
  • New Insights into Classical Novae. L. Chomiuk, B. D. Metzger, & K. J. Shen. 2021, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 59, 391. View Publication
  • Toward a Unification of Star Formation Rate Determinations in the Milky Way and Other Galaxies. L. Chomiuk & M. S. Povich. 2011, the Astronomical Journal, 142, 197. View Publication