Mohammad Maghrebi

Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Location: 4241 Biomed Phys Sci
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Mohammad Maghrebi joined the Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics group of the MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy in January 2017. He received his PhD at MIT, and was a post-doctoral research scholar at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) at the University of Maryland before starting at MSU.

His research interests include:
* Non-equilibrium many-body physics in driven and/or dissipative systems
* Entanglement in quantum many-body systems
* Fluctuation-induced phenomena and quantum Brownian motion

# Education
* 2013: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

  • "Entanglement Entropy of Dispersive Media from Thermodynamic Entropy in One Higher Dimension", M. F. Maghrebi and M. T. H. Reid, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 151602 [2015] View Publication
  • "Nonequilibrium many-body steady states via Keldysh formalism", MF Maghrebi, AV Gorshkov, Physical Review B 93 (1), 014307 View Publication
  • Flight of a heavy particle nonlinearly coupled to a quantum bath", Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Matthias Krüger, and Mehran Kardar, Phys. Rev. B 93, 014309 [2016] View Publication