Jianping Hu

Professor, Plant Biology
Professor, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory
Director, Molecular Plant Sciences Program
Faculty, Genetics & Genome Sciences Program
Faculty, Cell & Molecular Biology Program
Professor, BioMolecular Science Gateway
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Location: 306 Plant Biology Lab
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### Titles
* Professor
* Director, Molecular Plant Sciences

Molecular Mechanisms of the Dynamics of Plant Energy Organelles and their Role in Stress Response
In eukaryotic cells, biochemical reactions are compartmentalized in specific subcellular organelles. Plant mitochondria, peroxisomes, and chloroplasts are essential organelles in development and coordinate in a number of metabolic pathways required for energy capture, conversion, and metabolism. The Hu laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the dynamic behavior of these energy organelles and their role in plant interaction with the environment.

For adaptation, subcellular organelles can alter their abundance, morphology, distribution and protein composition depending on the developmental and environmental conditions. One major research goal of the Hu lab is to elucidate molecular mechanisms by which peroxisomes and mitochondria proliferate/divide, move, and distribute, to ultimately understand how organelle dynamics contribute to plant robustness and stress response. To this end, we have identified and characterized components of the machineries that govern the biogenesis, division and proliferation of peroxisomes and mitochondria, and revealed transcriptional and post-translational regulatory mechanisms of these processes. We have also established a deep-learning framework to rapidly classify organelle morphology with the goal to facilitate large-scale screens for mutants in organelle dynamics. Current focus is on revealing the mechanisms for the motility of these organelles along the cytoskeleton in the context of photosynthesis, photorespiration and stress response. Another research direction in the Hu lab is the regulation of photorespiration in dynamic environmental conditions and the role of photorespiration in plant defense against pathogens. Through genetic suppressor screening, we have revealed regulatory links between photorespiration and photosynthesis and identified additional factors/non-canonical pathways that modulate photorespiration under dynamic light conditions. Finally, we have begun to investigate the contribution of peroxisomal proteins to seed oil content in soybean, aiming to improve the quality of this important crop. 

Our research has agricultural and economical relevance, as knowledge gained may provide molecular bases for developing strategies for rational engineering of crop plants to improve metabolism, bioenergy production, and defense against environmental stresses. Our research may also provide useful information to biomedical studies in curing human peroxisomal and mitochondrial diseases.

### Education
* Postdoctoral Researcher, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA
* Ph.D., University of Georgia, Athens, GA
* B.S., Peking University, Beijing, China

### Recent Publications
1.	Wang Y, Pan R, Hu J. Impact of acute heat stress on mitochondrial function, ultra-structure, and cardiolipin distribution in Arabidopsis (2024). aBIOTECH in press. 
2.	Wang Y, Jin G, Song S, Jin Y, Wang X, Yang S, Shen X, Gan Y, Wang Y, Li R, Liu J, Hu J, Pan R (2024). A peroxisomal cinnamate:CoA ligase-dependent phytohormone metabolic cascade in submerged rice germination. Dev Cell in press.
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