Dae Kwan Ko

Fixed Term Assistant Professor, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory
Fixed Term Assistant Professor, Plant Biology
Location: 122 Plant Biology Lab
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### Titles
* Assistant Professor - Fixed Term
* Brandizzi lab member

### Research
Addressing Critical Biological Questions at the Systems-Level Using Genomics
I am an early-career researcher who is passionate about addressing critical biological questions at the systems-level with a hypothesis-driven approach using the power of genomics. Do genes and proteins interact with each other in cells as we do in society? Then, what could be the functional consequences of those interactions in regulating biological pathways? I believe that these molecular interactions, called “biological networks,” are crucial for all living organisms to maintain cellular homeostasis. My long-term research goal is toward characterizing gene networks underlying significant biological pathways and applying the findings to translational research.

### Links
* [Website](https://daekwan-ko.github.io/)