Brage Golding

Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics & Astronomy
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Dr. Golding joined the MSU P-A Department's Experimental CMP group in 1991 after 24 years on the technical staff of AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ (including 5-year stints as head of its Condensed State Physics Research Department and head of its Non-equilibrium Physics Research Department). He was the Director of MSU's Center for Fundamental Materials Research from 1993 to 1996, and the Director of the Center for Sensor Materials, an NSF-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, from 1994 to 2004.

# Current Research Interests:
* Large fluctuations in mesoscopic systems
* Wide bandgap semiconductors
* Quantum computing and information
* Quantum tunneling in disordered systems

#Professional Activities, Awards and Honors
* Fellow, American Physical Society
* American Associatin for the Advancement of Science
* Humboldt Foundation award, University of Heidelberg, 1987
* Physical Review Letters Review Panel, 1989-90
* Co-Chairman, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Coherence and Energy Transfer in Glass, Cambridge, England, 1982
* IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium Committee, 1987-present

# Education:
* 1966: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* 1963: B.S., Purdue University

Selected Publications

  • Epitaxial Iridium Growth on Strontium Titanate, Z. Dai, A. Li, C. Bednarski, L.I. McCann, and B. Golding, Proc. Mat. Res. Soc 684, P11.35. (2001)
  • Nonlinear Phonon Propagation in Fused Silica Below 1K, B. Golding, J.E. Graebner, B.I. Halperin and R.J. Schutz, Physical Review Letters 30, 223 (1973)
  • Phonon Echoes in Glass, B. Golding and J.E. Graebner, Physical Review Letters 37, 852 (1976)
  • Photon Echoes Below 1K in a Nd3+-Doped Glass Fiber, J. Hegarty, M.M. Broer, B. Golding, J.R. Simpson and J.B. MacChesney, Physical Review Letters 51, 2033 (1983)
  • Relaxation of Tunneling Systems by Conduction Electrons in a Metallic Glass, B. Golding, J.E. Graebner, A.B. Kane and J.L. Black, Physical Review Letters 41, 1487 (1978)
  • Relaxation Times of Tunneling Systems in Glasses, B. Golding and J.E. Graebner, Topics in Current Physics, Volume 24, Amorphous Solids: Low Temperature Properties, ed., W.A. Phillips (Springer, New York, 1981).