Jay M Strader

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Location: 3275 Biomed Phys Sci
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Jay's research is centered in two areas. The first is near-field cosmology with massive globular clusters: using the stellar populations and kinematics of clusters to constrain the formation and assembly histories of nearby galaxies, with a focus on their outer halos. He also studies the properties of globular clusters themselves, including the presence of black holes, multiple stellar populations, and stellar winds from red giants.

# Education:
* 2007: Ph.D., Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of California, Santa Cruz;
* 2001: B.S., Physics & Mathematics, Duke University


  • AST 410: Senior Thesis
  • PHY 905: Special Problems

Selected Publications

  • A Globular Cluster Toward M87 with a Radial Velocity < -1000 km/s: The First Hypervelocity Cluster Caldwell, N., Strader, J., Romanowsky, A. J., Brodie, J. P., Moore, B., Diemand, J., Martizzi, D. 2014 ApJS, 787, 1 View Publication
  • Deep Chandra monitoring observations of NGC 4649: I. Catalog of source properties. Luo, B., Fabbiano, G., Strader, J., Kim, D.-W., Brodie, J., Fragos, T., Gallagher, J., King, A., Zezas, A. 2013, ApJS, 204, 14
  • Deep Chandra monitoring observations of NGC 4649: II. Wide-field Hubble Space Telescope imaging of the globular clusters. Strader, J., Fabbiano, G., Luo, B., Kim, D.-W., Brodie, J., Fragos, T., Gallagher, J., Kalogera, V., King, A., Zezas, A. 2012, ApJ, 760, 87
  • Formation constraints indicate a black-hole accretor in 47 Tuc X9. Church, R., Strader, J., Davies, M., Bobrick, A. 2017, ApJL, 851, 1 View Publication
  • No evidence for intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters: Strong constraints from the JVLA. Strader, J., Chomiuk, L., Maccarone, T., Miller-Jones., J., Seth, A., Heinke, C., Sivakoff, G. 2012, ApJL, 750, 27
  • Old massive globular clusters and the stellar halo of the dwarf starburst galaxy NGC 4449. Strader, J., Seth, A., Caldwell, N. 2012, AJ, 143, 52
  • Wide-field precision kinematics of the M87 globular cluster system. Strader, J., Romanowsky, A., Brodie, J., Spitler, L., Beasley, M., Arnold, J., Tamura, N., Sharples, R., Arimoto, N. 2011, ApJS, 197, 33